Beauty Home Remedies

Not every beauty secret comes pre-packaged from the store!  Hang with us this week as we talk through beauty remedy recipes using ingredients already found in your kitchen.

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    • Drink Recipe: Bourbon Pear Cider
    • Coconut Oil
      • Coconut oil is not recommended as a face moisturizer due to the fact that it is 4/5 on the comedogenic scale
    • Honey, Brown Sugar, Olive Oil (equal parts)
      • Exfoliate lips, face, body – wipe off with warm water and moisturize
        • To add plumpness as a lip exfoliant add a dash of cayenne or cinnamon (or both!)
      • The combination does not contain a preservative so many small batches big enough for what you’re using it for
    •  Tea
      • Hot tea bag on a pimple will help bring it to the surface
      • Put it on your eyes to depuff (warm, cool or cold based on preference)
      • Shiny hair rinse
        • 2 tea bags and 2 cups of water steeped for 10-15 minutes and let cool
        • Pour over your hair and massage through and follow with your normal shampoo and conditioner
        • Use a tea that matches your hair: Chamomile for blondes, Black for Brunettes, Rooibos for Redheads
        • Shiny hair rinse
      • Sunburn
        • Add cool teabags from room temperate or fridge/freezer or take a cool tea bath
      • Soothe razor burn (cool tea bags)
      • Drain a blister or boil (put a wet tea bag in your sock overnight)
      • Soothe a sore arm after shots (cool tea bags)
      • Soothe bug bites
    • Lemons (sliced in half)
      • Dry patches of skin
        • Rub on heels, elbows, etc. for an immediately noticeable difference
        • Citric acid removes dead skin cells
        • Rub on your face to brighten your skin and dissolve stubborn blackheads
          • Add sugar to double as an exfoliant
          • Don’t leave this on your face longer than 5 minutes
          • Critic acid can make your skin more sensitive to UV light so use SPF!
    • Coffee Grounds
      • Cellulite
        • 2 Tbsp coffee grounds, 4 Tbsp of kitchen oil (olive oil, avocado oil, etc.) and use as an exfoliant and rinse away
        • Works like a diuretic, drawing out excess water from fat cells
      • Hair Treatment (for brunettes)
        • Mix a tsp or two (depending on hair length) in your conditioner
        • Leave it on as a mask for just a few minutes and rinse out
        • Caffeine may stimulate hair growth
        • Make sure you rinse it all out to avoid staining pillows or cloth
    • Tea Tree Oil
      • A few drops of tea tree oil into shampoo to get rid of dandruff
      • Tea tree oil diluted with a carrier oil for spot pimples

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