Capsule Wardrobes and Sustainable Fashion

Fashion CAN be both simple and sustainable with capsule wardrobes – but getting started can be overwhelming!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

  • What we’re drinking: Conshohocken Brewing Type A IPA
  • Article on Donna Karen’s Seven Easy Pieces
  • Article on fast fashion and the shift to sustainable fashion
  • How to start your capsule wardrobe:
    • Step 1: Edit your existing closet
    • Step 2: Determine your color palette
    • Step 3: Invest in your staples – As I see it, you need 13 pieces
      • Jeans
      • Pants/trousers
      • Tailored Dress
      • Pencil skirt
      • Cardigan Sweater
      • Silk Top
      • Button down shirt
      • Crew Neck Sweater
      • Classic T
      • Classic Tank
      • Blazer (I have pale pink and black)
      • Jean Jacket
      • Other Classic Jacket (trench, leather, military style)
    • Step 4: Invest in your accessories
    • Step 5: Invest in your shoes
    • Step 6: Add in seasonal pieces
    • Step 7: Create outfits and photograph!

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