Crunchy Daycare with Amy Brady

Deciding to or needing to send your child to daycare can be an incredibly difficult decision, especially when you are trying to create the healthiest environment possible for your child. However, if you choose your school correctly and work closely with the teachers and directors, you will find you can foster not only a healthy environment, but a rewarding and enriching one as well.

On this episode, we are joined by Amy Brady who is not only the Director of our children’s daycare, but also one of Larisa’s oldest friends. Amy walks us through the decisions she has made to ensure that her school is a healthy environment, how they work with parents to accommodate special needs (such as allergies) and requests (like special snacks and glass containers), and finally what you need to know when selecting a daycare that is aligned with your healthy lifestyle.

Amy Brady with her adorable son, Finn

Amy’s tips for making the most of daycare:

  • Partner with the school to figure out healthy alternatives BUT keep in mind, it is a shared environment and the school needs to think about what’s best for all of their students
  • Create an open dialogue with the school to find healthy alternatives (i.e., snacks, diapering, soaps)
  • Keep in mind that the school and teachers have your kids best interest at heart, work with them to make it a good experience for your kid
  • Get creative! Schools are likely looking for healthy alternatives as well and would be open to discussing ways to make the day better for all students
  • When choosing a daycare center:
    • Always take a visit to get a sense of the day to day
    • Get a feel for the person up front – they can set the tone for the school
    • Look for how clean the school is – peak in the bathrooms and look at the floors
    • See how the children are being treated and how they seem – are the teachers paying attention to the kids needs?
    • Check out the outside space and make sure its safe and well equipped
    • Look into the curriculum and day to day activities
    • Ask about their technology and think about what’s important to you (access to view your kid during the day vs. daily report with pictures)
    • Ask about security procedures
    • Talk to the director about how flexible the school can be to accommodate needs and requests
    • Teacher tenure is key – if a school treats their teachers well, they will be happier, stick around and be more invested in their job
    • Go with your gut – you’ll get a vibe from the school, make sure it’s one you’re comfortable with

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