Going Crunchy? Getting Started in the Kitchen

You asked, we answered! Here are our recommendations for taking the first steps to a non-toxic kitchen.

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Partner Spotlight: Nuzest

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Mentioned in the episode: Clean Lean Digestive Protein

Larisa’s Husbands Favorite: Clean Lean Protein – Coffee

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  1. Loved this episode! I have a question. You mentioned that plastic and melamine dishes are not safe. What type of non breakable plate do you recommend for little ones? We have some plastic and some of the replay brand plates. We never microwave anything on plastic, but I do use them for hot foods, so would love to hear what you recommend to replace our plastic kids plates! Thanks!

    1. Hi Erin! Replay is a great choice. While they are in fact plastic, they are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which I find to be a safer choice. You’re right to not microwave them, but food heated at kid temps are totally fine to put in their plates and bowls after heated in a microwave-safe dish. We still use them in our house! I’m not sure how old your kiddos are, but you can’t go wrong with stainless, glass with silicone molds around them, or bamboo plates and bowls. If you’d like some specific recommendations don’t hesitate to drop us an email at hello@crunchycocktailhour.com

      1. This was so helpful…love your podcast! but I just checked amazon to get a set for my kids and in the product description it says that the White products are not made of HDPE, but rather Recycled Polypropylene. So watch out for that in case you’d like to choose white.

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