Crunchy Gift Guide 2018

Looking for a healthy spin on your gifts this year?  We’re talking through our favorites and going off on random tangents!

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  1. Loved this episode, especially because I’m always behind the curve on getting started with my holiday shopping and scrambling to catch up-thanks for the reminder it’s time to get started!

    I wanted to share one thing book related that my sister started doing a few years ago and has become a tradition that we all love. She buys two copies of a book she think you will like, one is for herself and the other is for you. Then she picks a date to have your own personal book club and talk about it. It’s an incredibly thoughtful gift, as well as the gift of time together which is the most important thing! I hope someone finds a place for this in their holiday traditions!

    1. I ADORE this idea and I’m totally stealing it! Not only are books fantastic gifts, but like you said, you get the incredible gift of time together. Thank you for sharing!

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