Health Myths Debunked

Want to know the real truth about some of the common health myths?

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Myth #3: 10,000 steps a day and 8 glasses of water a day are magic numbers

  • Myth #4: Underwire bras cause breast cancer

  • Myth #6: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

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  1. So I love the podcast however I just listened to the health myth one. You state milk has added sugar…there is absolutely no added sugar in milk (from cows) the sugar in milk is naturally occurring it’s called lactose (a combination of glucose and galactose). Additionally whole milk and skim milk will have the exact same sugar content in 1 cup. Furthermore there are studies that show that milk has anti inflammatory properties despite the media sensationalizing that milk causes inflammation. But my biggest disappointment is that you say there is added sugar in milk this is just incorrect.

    1. Hi Michelle – If we stated it was added sugar versus just sugar, than you’re absolutely right we are incorrect. Our podcast is very conversational and sometimes we misspeak so we appreciate you bringing it to our attention! As far as the choice to consume dairy or anything we discuss on the podcast, what we share is our opinion based on the research we’ve done and the choices we choose to make for ourselves. We typically also post relevant articles and studies in our show notes. Thanks for listening and keeping us on our toes!

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