Kids Sleep

We all need sleep, but sometimes our kids just won’t get with the program! On this episode, we talk through what’s worked for us and what hasn’t in trying to get some much needed ZZZZs.

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  1. Loved this episode! I feel like I had pretty good sleepers until the 4m regression where I let bad habits creep in out of tiredness/quickest way to stop crying. Neither of them would attach to a comforter/lovey but maybe that’s a good thing because we never had to worry about losing it.
    I’ve only done awake times as in newborns awake for approx 45min, my 14m old has an awake time of 3-4 hours between naps.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Ugh, that 4 month regression is the worst, hit us hard as well too. Claire is 100% attached to her bunny – so much so that I bought four to have on rotation for washes ha!

  2. Thank you for this episode! You helped me realize my 2 year old suffers from habitual waking! I am so scared to do adjust his sleeping and my 6 month old!

    1. I’m SO glad it could be helpful for you! I know our lives changed when we discovered what it was and that the fix was so simple!

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