Ladycamp Recap and Bug Season

We are freshly back from Ladycamp!  We are chatting takeaways from our experience and talking all about how we plan to battle tick and mosquito season – in the healthiest way possible!

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

  • DEET Alternatives
    • (Larisa Recommended) Picaridin – Comes in a max concentration of 20% to give 8 hours of protection.  Known to be more effective on flies than DEET and comparable to DEET in general without the same side effects.
    • IR3535 – Comes in 10 – 30% concentrations for 8 hours of protection.  May be slightly less effective than DEET, but has shown few adverse events except that it can be irritating to the eyes.
    • Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus – Chemically synthesized version of lemon eucalyptus oil.  This is not an essential oil.  Usually in a concentration of about 30% for approximately 6 hours of protection.  Many people have skin reactions to this – I recommend just staying away.
    • (Larisa Recommended) Essential Oils – Studies have shown that geranium oil alone or in combination with other essential oils is comparable to DEET.  IMPORTANT: Essential oil blends will need to be re-applied often.
  • Recommended Products
    • Sawyer Picaridin
    • Dr. Frenchy Essential Oil Blends – Use code LARISA for 10% off your order
      • If you need mosquito and general bug protection, try Nosquitos.  This contains a blend of essential oils, including Catnip and Neem Oils.  DOG SAFE!  Never use essential oils on cats!  You will need to re-apply this about every 2 hours. For maximum essential oils safety, Nosquitos comes in baby, kids 2+, or adult versions, and in rollers or sprays. Rollers are a very convenient way to apply to clean skin, while sprays are better if you’re already sandy or sweaty.
      • If you need tick protection, try Ticked-Off. Contains a blend of essential oils, including geranium and kunzea oil.  DOG SAFE! You will need to re-apply this about every 2 hours. Ticked-Off comes in a spray for either kids 2+ or adults.
      • Clean and soothe existing bites by massaging the bug bites roller in after removing a tick to kill the germs, or rub on mosquitoes bites to calm the itch and help prevent welts.
    • DIY Dr. Frenchy, Ph.D Recipes

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