Nursery Must Haves

I am by no means a home style blogger or baby expert. I am just a mom with two kids who has cycled through a lot of baby products, some that worked, some not so much. Here are some faves and lessons learned! Check out the video walk through of these items below and let me know if there are any other links you need!

Nursery Faves

  • Phillips Hue Bulbs
    • My husband convinced me that we needed these after Claire was born, and I am so happy he did! Being able to dim or turn on/off from my phone is so helpful. Sitting in your nursing chair and the baby falls asleep? Turn off the lights without moving. Toddler wants to leave the lights on and read in bed? Turn them off after they fall asleep without risking waking them up. Honestly my #1 recommendation.
  • Baby Monitor
    • Loved the Nest for one kid, but we switched over to a radio video monitor for two for the ease of switching between cameras. With this Motorola I can easily see both girls on rotation, and have the option to have just sound (no video). If you do get the Nest, how cute is this little cover?!
  • Nursing Chair and Ottoman
    • My biggest recommendation when picking a nursing chair and ottoman is to make sure the ottoman is the same height as the chair. The pouf ottomans are adorable, but not great for trying to get the hang of nursing for the first time. It’s also nice to have your feet elevated for the MANY hours you’ll be in that chair. I love a good glider and got Claire a rocking chair when we moved the nursing chair to Brooke’s room.
  • Keekaroo
    • I love that the Keekaroo turns any dresser into a changing table. The dresser/changing table combos meant for nursery can be really pricey and not great for the price. With this, I refinished something I already had saving $$. Added bonus? You can take it with you when you travel.
  • Kelvin Room Thermometer
    • I know there are a few ‘all in one’ products that include temperature monitoring, but I liked having them separate to be able to move things around and travel. Plus, the cost was appealing on this one.
  • Sound Machine/Night Light
    • SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to sound machines. I like that this one from Skip Hop has so many settings an will stay on all night. There is also a travel version that easily snaps on to a stroller.
  • Blackout Curtains (Claire’s Room and Brooke’s Room)
    • I know they tend to be pricey, but this is an absolute must. Just think about Daylight Savings Time…
  • Latchy Catchy
    • This covers the door jam and makes it easier to close the door without disturbing baby. Such a simple yet super important registry item!
  • Closet Built Ins
    • My parents gifted us with custom closet built-ins from Modular Closets when my girls’ were born and they are SO insanely useful. These provide a ton of storage options and help with organizing tiny clothes.

Toddler Room Faves

  • Toddler Rail
    • Both of our cribs are the 3 in 1 conversion that go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed. We have the full size bed converter, but opted to forgo the toddler conversion and went with this Munchkin Toddler Rail instead. Some benefits: can use on any crib type, can travel with you, way cheaper, and can be used on the full size better after you convert it.
  • OK to Wake Clock
    • This clock (we call her Margot!) was such a lifesaver when we first transitioned Claire from a crib to a toddler bed. It definitely has a learning curve, but once they get it it’s super helpful.
  • Light Switch Extender (here and here)
    • Toddlers love having control of their space and being able to ‘do it themselves’. These make it simple!
  • Organic Toddler Pillow
    • When Claire first wanted a pillow any regular pillow seemed to overwhelm her bed and I was always worried about what was in it. This Organic Toddler Pillow and Pillowcase are awesome and the perfect size for her.

Other Things in Video

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