400 Lbs. to Nutrition Coach and the Keto Diet with Jon Dobzelecki

How does one go from the corporate world to nutritional coaching?  What exactly is the Keto diet and is it good or bad for you?  Plus, stick around to the end to find out Jon’s quirk about brushing his teeth.  All this and more on this week’s episode with special guest Jon Dobzelecki of Performing Nutrition!

Jon Dobzelecki

Jon has a long time background in management consulting and business transformation (where he met Larisa).  Growing up overweight, Jon was active and heavily involved in many different sports, but he could never figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off and he couldn’t reach a “normal size”.  After ballooning to 400 lbs in college, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Through a structured dieting program and exercise, he dropped almost 200 lbs and became an avid marathon runner.

Over the years, keeping the weight off took hard work and dedication both at the gym and in the kitchen.  Eventually though, life happened – stress of climbing the corporate ladder, traveling week after week for work, and just losing focus on that previous healthy lifestyle. One day in December 2016 Jon decided enough was enough and it was time to refocus, re-prioritize, and put himself and his health first again. Jon made significant lifestyle changes which required major sacrifices – saying no to a glass of champagne at a wedding, avoiding the dessert table at a holiday party, spending Friday nights going for a run or taking a spin class. Jon was able to get himself back on track and “comeback” better and stronger both mentally and physically than before. This time though something was different, Jon became motivated to use his experience and own struggle to help others live their best life and achieve their own health transformation.

Jon is a certified Health Coach and CrossFit Level 1 instructor and currently pursuing a M.S. in Nutrition.
















Performing Nutrition

Want to work with Jon to achieve your health goals?  Exclusively for Crunchy Cocktail Hour listeners, Jon will offer 15% off any nutrition services and merchandise from Performing Nutrition.  You can use code CRUNCHY at checkout, but Jon recommends reaching out to him first to discuss the right plan for your goals.  Find Jon on Instagram, Facebook, or his website.

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