Odds and Ends 4/10/2020

  1. Welcome to Odds and Ends… This is our first newsletter since we went on hiatus from podcasting and we’re so glad you’re here!  We’re incredibly proud of the 2+ years of shows we aired and they are forever available to you on Apple or Android or wherever you listen to podcasts!  Maybe we’ll go back to it one day, but for now we’re pumped to bring you more consumable tidbits of wellness, beauty, family, and all things clean living via our social channels and this newsletter.   Want more info on why we made the decision?  Our farewell podcast will be up in the coming days.
  2. But also… We’re surrounded by Coronavirus news 24/7 which is STRESSFUL!  We’re not here to further add to your stress, but instead want to share with you all the tips and tricks of how we’re getting through.
  3. Veggie Tales… Now is a great time to stock up on frozen fruits and vegetables.  It’s a common myth that fresh is always better.  When produce is frozen, the nutrients are frozen in as well!  During these crazy times a well-stocked freezer means less trips to the store.   A balance of fresh and frozen is best, especially depending on whether you’re planning to cook them up or not.  If fresh is super important to you, check out the info on Misfits Market down below.
  4. Deodorant Holding Up to the Stress?… Is anyone using this time in quarantine to go through a deodorant detox and switch to a non-toxic brand?  Check out this episode of the podcast for all our tips and tricks.  What we’re currently using: Larisa + Alison (sent to me from an amazing listener!)
  5. Can’t Stand the Heat – What we’re Cooking… How many times has Larisa made this Instant Pot Cauliflower Curry recipe while in quarantine?  A LOT.  If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, now is the time!  Alison finally bought one and yelled at me for not convincing her sooner and now her kids are devouring this Chicken Corn Chowder.  Both recipes pair perfectly with homemade Rosemary French Bread.   
  6. Two Toddlers + Two Working Parents… means a LOT of activities. Busy Toddler is helping with ideas on how to keep Claire and Brooke busy while Alison juggles working with young kids at home. 
  7. Staying Sane…. Alison has been stress painting her entire house  a calming Repose Gray.  Your local Sherwin-Williams is likely offering no interaction curbside pickup!  Larisa is organizing pantries, closets, and drawers, oh my!  All her favorite organizers to come!
  8. Making Memories… Natalie Long of Long Creations has created a Quarantine Time Capsule printable packet, that’s an awesome activity for kids of all ages (and probably adults.) It’s adorbs, and love it or hate it – we want to remember this time. 
  9. Add to Cart… What we bought on Amazon this week: Larisa (my hardwood floors are so happy!) + Alison (seriously the best bubbles ever, your kids will thank you).
  10. Hygge Life… If you’re spending your day getting in and out of a blanket as the weather can’t decide what season it is, you’ll want to snag a Barefoot Dreams blanket on sale for $49!

Stay healthy friends!
xo, Alison + Larisa

Long before we were encouraged to stop going out, Larisa was getting a portion of her produce delivered weekly from Misfits Market.  Did you know half of what American farmers grow is never eaten because it isn’t “pretty” enough?  The carrots are hugging or the sweet potato is misshapen… so what?  Misfits Market brings those misfits right to your door and not only do you get food that’s fresh and affordable (literally a fraction of the grocery store price!), but you’re helping to reduce food waste! For 25% off your first box, head to Misfits Market and use code COOKWME-YW4BAN.

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