Odds and Ends 4/17/2020

  1. Disney treats… Did your spring break in Disney dreams get squashed?  No worries – you can bring a little flavor of Disney to you!  Disney just shared the official recipe to their Dole Whip!  
  2. Goat to Meeting?… Zoom happy hours getting a bit dull? Spice things up with a live animal attendee! Not kidding…
  3. Masquerade Ball… If you’re breaking out your sewing machine to whip up masks for your family, friends or for donation, here’s the version we recommend.  It creates a good seal around the nose and has a pocket for a filter (vacuum bags anyone?).  A link to the patterns of all sizes can be found here – you’ll want #3 Pocket Face Mask Sewing Pattern WITH seam allowance included.  Here’s all the materials we bought for ours:
    • Fabric – You can either stock up by purchasing online or if you’re like Larisa and never use, but keep your topsheets, now is a great time to cut them up.  Tightly woven cotton, quilters cotton like calico, is best and easiest to sew with. 
    • Bias Tape – Don’t buy this!  Most of the available bias tape out there won’t be the right width and length.  Watch the main video link to learn how to easily make your own.
    • Shoe Laces – Use these for the mask ties.  Shoe laces can actually make the mask cinch tighter and there’s no elastic to wear out.  We used these.  
    • Pipe Cleaners – You’ll want to fold these in half, twist, and insert them into the nose compartment in the mask to create a seal around the nose.
  4. Namaste at Home… If you, like us, are having trouble settling your mind at the end of the night, give the Calm app a try. Let the soothing voice of Matthew McConaughey lull you to sleep. Catching those zzzs is important!  There’s even a collection of kids stories and meditations that Larisa’s kids often listen to.
  5. Beep Beep, Who Got the Keys to My… Wait… If you haven’t gotten a notice already, check with your insurance company to see if they are providing you discount for your auto insurance now and in the coming months.  Recognizing that we are encouraged to stay off the road, many insurers are giving their customers a break.
  6. Getting Cozy… It has been a WHILE since we’ve put on real clothes.
  7. What’s cooking good looking?… Have you discovered the SuperCook app? Spend some time loading your pantry and fridge into the app and it will spit out thousands of recipes.
  8. Comfort Food… Nothing more comforting than a big bowl of curry.  Alison’s been loving this Instant Pot Chicken and Kale Curry
  9. Earth Day 2020… Earth Day is on Wednesday April 22nd and this year’s themeis climate action.  If you’re looking for a great addition to your home school day, find a virtual earth day event or check out these printable workbooks for the kids to work on.
  10. Shoes at the door… You’ve been diligent about washing your hands, spraying your packages, and scrubbing your produce, but what about your shoes?  Jury is still out on the science of whether or not we could possibly carry COVID-19 on the different materials that make up the soles of our shoes. We are both shoes off at the door households, but if you aren’t, consider making a change.  If you’ve been on a walk, went to the grocery store or otherwise, leave your shoes in the garage, mudroom, or another space away from your living area.  Warm, dry air will inactivate the virus the fastest so if leaving your shoes outside for some amount of time is a  possibility, that is best.  Wherever you leave your shoes, be sure to step out of them in a way that doesn’t involve you stepping into the footprints with your socks. 

Happy Friday!
xo, Alison + Larisa

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