Odds and Ends 5/16/2020

  1. Nursery Must Haves… this week we shared some nursery and toddler room faves. Check it out here on the blog!
  2. Sizzling… Season things like mushrooms, zucchini, and other heavy water vegetables, after they brown, not before!  Putting salt on them early on draws out their water and makes them soggy.  Let them brown a bit and shed some of their extra liquid, then season.    
  3. Mental Health Crisis… quarantine, global pandemic, isolation – we’re all dealing with a lot. This situation can wreck havoc on our mental state, and for people that struggle with mental illness this could all be too much. Pre-Covid days, virtual therapy had been coming more available, and now is the time to leverage these resources if you are struggling. 
  4. Bubble Level Up… Move over bubble machine and bubble guns and say hello to giant bubbles!  My kids have been going nuts over this bubble tool that makes massive sized bubbles. Sometimes they make the bubbles and sometimes we make the bubbles for them and they pop them with swords, their hands, tennis rackets, whatever!
  5. Butterfly Effect… I’ve shared on Instagram before, but you MUST try the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden with your kiddos. We just released our butterflies this week after many weeks of watching them grow. 
  6. Reading Rainbow…Why it’s so hard to read a book right now?  A neuroscientist explains.
  7. Air Fried Chicken… Being a dairy-free, egg-free house means fried chicken has been off the menu for a while. But not anymore! Here’s my ‘recipe’ for success:Mix together your favorite spice mix and flour
  8. Dip chicken in full fat Oatmilk (I like Oatly
  9. Coat chicken in flour mixture
  10. LIBERALLY apply oil to your air fryer (not sticking is the key to keeping the breading on the chicken)
  11. Fry up that chicken!
  12. Quarantine Chic… remember when I told you about the holy grail of Amazon leggings?  They are back in stock in all patterns and sizes, but RUN, because they sell out fast and then you’ll have to wait another month for the restock!  They run true to size.  Don’t forget to grab the best ever tank tops while you’re at it… 2 for $14!  I recommend sizing down a size in these.
  13. Jumping on the Tie Dye Band Wagon… Tie dye is really having a moment, amirite?! What’s not to love; a fun activity and trendy outfit, all in one. Here are instructions for some crunchy, plant based dyes or if you’d prefer to just purchase your threads, I’m eyeing over this crop sweatshirt and these high-waisted shorts.   
  14. Smize… Starting to see smile lines?  Retinolhyaluronic acid, and of course dermarolling are your best bet, but if you’re into using dual purpose products,  use your eye cream on smile lines!  Eye creams are meant for a delicate part of your face so they won’t pack the same punch as other serums, but if you don’t want to buy another product right now it’ll do!

Uncommon James

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