Odds and Ends 5/29/2020

  1. Chit Chat… If you’re starting to run out of things to talk about because, you know, we’re not really doing much these days, or you’re wanting to create some deeper connections from afar, check out this list of 99 mindful conversation starters.
  2. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini… or maybe not. The string bikinis of my past life just don’t hold up to chasing after kids and digging in the sand. My favorite styles these days are made for activity. On my list this year: Draper James braletteLululemon Swim Tank, and the Albion Fit Crop.
  3. Activewear Masks… Did you know some of your favorite activewear brands are now selling face masks?  Check out the masks being sold by Athleta and Outdoor Voices.
  4. Screen time Guilt? Let it Go!… Feel like all screen time rules have gone out the window? You’re not alone. These are not normal times, so give yourself some grace. But if you want to establish a bit better routine, check out these tips.
  5. Summer Camp… School is ending for most kids in the next week or two and parents round the world are trying to scramble to figure out what summer looks like.  Pad your calendar with these free virtual camps for K through 12!
  6. A Pain in the… Foot?… Since outdoor shoes aren’t recommended inside, many people are developing some serious foot issues. Think about getting a pair of dedicated indoor shoes (not slippers!) and make sure you are stretching your feet by rolling over yoga or tennis balls. 
  7. Strawberry Bugs… You’ve probably now seen the viral Tik-Tok video of someone soaking their strawberries in salt water to find a bunch of tiny bugs coming out of them.  We’re here to tell you… yes, that can be happen, but don’t panic!  Real talk, if you’re eating fresh produce, you’re eating some bugs.  Would you rather a little bug or a whole bunch of pesticides?  There’s nothing to worry about and you shouldn’t stop eating strawberries.  You do however want to make sure you’re washing your produce!
  8. Golden Milk… We’ve talked before about why we aren’t jumping on the Delgona Coffee trend, but a Golden Milk latte we can definitely get behind. I love this Golden Milk blend because it includes turmeric and ashwagandha which both have amazing health properties. 
  9. Ladyscape… It’s getting warmer and that means it’s officially time to keep up with ladyscaping, if you so choose of course.  Whether you’re good about this all year long, and whether you shave, wax, or laser, irritation and razor burn happens.  Surprisingly there aren’t a ton of great product options to soothe, and please please please, no matter what you read, do not put deodorant on your lady bits.  We recommend Lady Suite!  A bit pricey, yes, but you’ll only use 1-2 drops so it will last you a long while.
  10. Tik Tok… Can’t stop. Many Millennials are finding solace and camaraderie on the social media app Tik Tok. Politics and opinions tend to take a back seat for fun dancing and sharing ‘glow ups’. My favorite? Check out the hashtag #sustainability. SO many great ideas. 

Hello Tushy

Come on, admit it.  You’ve thought about it… even before quarantine set in and we started to worry about toilet paper shortages.  Is there a better time to finally pull the trigger on a bidet?  Not only can you stop scrambling on how long your toilet paper arsenal will hold you over, but you’ll feel so good about your environmental footprint.  Save trees.  Save water.  Save your butt. Save your planet.  Head to Hello Tushy and use code TUSHY5OFF for $5 off existing sale prices.

Here’s what you missed on social this week:

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