Odds and Ends 5/8/2020

  1. Mindset Matters… When we are dealing with challenging times, it’s easy to find ourselves in negative thought spirals. There is power of positive thinking. Take the first step to get yourself out of the slump by shifting your mindset;
    • Create a gratitude journal
    • Develop mantras and reiterate them often
    • Look for the opportunity in the negative and focus on it
  2. Mama’s Day… Still need a last minute Mother’s Day gift?  THIS!  Don’t worry – it’s organic 🙂
  3. From Fun Mom to Business Profesh… Right now we are all wearing many hats.  I find myself elbows deep in a messy activity with my kids one minute, and leading a workshop with colleagues the next. How on earth do you look the part for both?! My lifesaver has been keeping a few key items right on my desk for a quick change:
    • Hair Clip or Headband: Toss your mess back into a chic chignon and voila.
    • Mascara: A few swipes help make you look a bit more awake.
    • Statement Necklace: no time to change? Throw on a big statement necklace and you’ll look dressed the part.
    • Powder: Cut down on shine and mattify quickly. You’ll look like you’ve got a bit of makeup on without the extra effort.
    • Cardigen or blazer: throw it on over any ath-leisure outfit for a bit of a more dressed up look.
  4. We’ve Cracked the Case… Do eggs need to be refrigerated?  If you’ve been to Europe you may have noticed that they store eggs with other non-perishable foods and not in the refrigerated section.  That’s because in some European countries they mandate mass vaccinating their hens to prevent the spread of food-borne illness.  In the US, vaccination isn’t mandated and instead we follow FDA sanitization, testing and refrigeration.  So which way is the right way?  Stay tuned for more in an upcoming Instagram post! 
  5. Let’s Get Physical… Larisa has me hooked on long line sports bras. Enough coverage that you don’t feel on display, and no need for a workout shirt on top. My current faves are the Target Joylab and Lululemon.
  6. Sexually Transmitted… New research suggests that the coronavirus may be sexually transmitted by patients who have active infections and those who have recovered.  We’re still learning and research is still underway. Always important to play it safe!
  7. Massage Time… We are so excited to book our first massage post quarantine, but are settling for some at home remedies. I’m a big fan of these Myofacial Release balls. Use them together in the bag to work your spine, or individually to work out knots all over. Roll your feet over the balls during meetings to help ease foot pain. I’ve Also seen this ‘Massage Gun‘ all over Instagram, but it looks a bit scary for my taste
  8. Quarantine Scalp… Have you been feeling like your hair is extra greasy or oily?  When we stress, cortisol levels spike and that triggers your body to create more oil on your skin and on your scalp.  If you’ve been loading up on the dry shampoo on top of it, you’re probably creating a not so fun environment on your scalp.  Make sure to give your scalp a good scrub at last twice a week (we love this scalp massager) and do what you can for your stress levels – not just for your hair’s sake.
  9. Throwback… For some reason, quarantine has us staying up way later than we usually would. Throwing it back to our Importance of Sleep episode to give us a bit of motivation to catch those Zzzzzs. 
  10. GIVEAWAY! We’re so excited to gift one of you a surprise box of green beauty valued over at least $90!  If you’re reading this newsletter and subscribed, you’ve already fulfilled the first step to being entered!  Next, follow us on Instagram and like and comment on all our photos throughout the month of May.  Stay tuned for the official post starting the giveaway and more on our stories for what this box might contain!

Being stuck inside all day with two toddlers means that I’m looking forward to my evening glass of wine even more these days. Thank goodness for fantastic no-contact wine delivery through Wine Insiders! Pair your family Zoom meeting with a great Italian Montepulciano, or your reality TV binge sesh with a Cote de Provence Rose. Anything goes during quarantine! Great prices, great wine, brought to you. Click here to get $25 off your first box from Wine Insiders. 

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