Odds and Ends 6/12/2020

  1. Period Legislation… CA Assembly Bill 1989 will be voted on next week.  This bill requires some ingredients to be disclosed in feminine care products, but still allows some key ingredients to remain hidden as Confidential Business Information (CBI). This is including, but not limited to, two major allergens – Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone.  Anogenital dermatitis anyone?  Yup, that’s a thing!  This bill applies to tampons, pads, menstrual cup and period underwear.  Even if you don’t live in CA, you should care about this bill.  If they manufacture in CA and distribute to your state, they won’t make state specific products and you’ll have the benefit, or be at the detriment, of whatever laws are passed.  If you have CA friends, encourage them to fill in this form to send to their Assemblymember.    
  2. Missed the CNN/Sesame Street Townhall?… We got you, click here
  3. SportsMask… Is that cloth mask not really working out during your run?  Under Armour just released a mask specifically made to be worn all day and when playing sports.  It’s water resistant, antimicrobial, and has cooling fabric on the inside.  Pre-order one here.
  4. Miss the Milk… As you may know, neither of us are big cow’s milk consumers. If you are thinking about skipping the milk for your littles, you are not alone! The biggest thing you’ll hear is ‘what about calcium?!’. So here is a helpful guide for getting calcium without the need for animal milk. 
  5. Hot Pants… Hot pants are back!  Wait what are hot pants?  The term “hot pants“ was coined back in the 50s for this adorable knit short shorts trends and it continued popularity into the 70s.  Well it’s 2020, they’re back, and we are here for it!  Check out our favorites at Lulu’s and Nordstroms.
  6. All Dressed Up… and finally somewhere to go! Looks like we may just be breaking out of quarantine in time for summer and I’ve been dreaming about real clothes for MONTHS. I’ve stocked up on Abercrombie bodysuitshigh-waisted shorts, and these suppppper affordable slides from Target. BBQ season here I come!
  7. Recall Alert… Fifth diabetes medicine recalled for containing too much of a ‘probable carcinogen’
  8. Ounce of Prevention… The American Cancer Society released updated guidelines for reducing the risk of cancer, and diet and lifestyle featured prominently. Some highlights: maintain a healthy diet low in sugar, processed foods and red meat, get active and avoid or limit alcohol consumption. 
  9. Loadin’ Up the Camper… It’s vacation season, but the idea of hoping on an airplane right now might not be terribly appealing. Lucky for us RV travel is having a bit of a renaissance. Load up the family and take a trip around the beautiful USofA!
  10. Black Owned Beauty… “PiperWai is for anyone who believes natural is better, whether they have a passion for healthy living and doing things differently or a desire to make one small step towards a healthier lifestyle.”  Switching out to a natural deodorant was one of the very first personal products I switched out on my quest to a healthier living and it was the first deodorant of many I tried that actually worked!  Check out their line of cream and stick deodorants that not only keep the stink away, but keep you dryer!  Check out our podcast episode The Nitty Gritty on Natural Deodorant for all our tips when making the switch!


We all know I love a good wine club, and recently I’ve been loving Winc. The Winc team creates and curates over a hundred wines, and makes the experience of exploring wine easy and pleasurable. I’ve been able to try really interesting varietals that have been hand picked based on the unique profile. I also love that you can sort for Vegan wines if that is important to you! Give Winc a try with $22 towards your first purchase. 

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