Odds and Ends 6/19/2020

  1. Kids Algae Shoes… YAS! My favorite kids shoes, Native, are upping their sustainable fashion game with shoes made from repurposed algae material. Here for it!
  2. Healthy Fats… Not all fats are created equal.  A recent study by the University of California conducted a no harm animal study on mice, testing 4 types of oil and impacts on diet.  They provided different mice coconut oil, half coconut / half soybean, and two grouping of different amounts of added fructose.  All 4 diets had equal calorie amounts, but they found that the mice who had soybean oil gained 25% more weight than those who had coconut oil, which is mostly saturated fat, and 9% more than those on the fructose-enriched diet.  Soybean oil is cheap and readily used in restaurants.  Bottom line… soybean oil is likely causing more obesity and diabetes than fructose (sugar).  Next time you’re out, ask them what oil your food is being cooked in –  you may be surprised.
  3. Getting Used to the Mask… Let’s face it, wearing a mask 24/7 isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. If you or your kiddos are having trouble keeping the mask on when out, check out these guides, for kids and for you. Quick tip: if you are feeling a bit claustrophobic with the mask, rub a small bit of vapor rub (i.e., Vicks or Zarbees) under your nose. Ahh much better. 
  4. Ring of Fire… Nope, not that kind!  The ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse occurs on Sunday and here’s how you can watch it online.
  5. Burn the Bra?… If we listen to the 70s era hippies, bras are definitely out. But are they actually bad for you? Looks like the jury is still out. I’ll stick to some of my simple favorites like Lively (psst, use code AMB-crunchycocktailhour for $10 off your order).
  6. Family Masks… So many retailers are getting into the mask game and recognizing that people want options to make it a part of their every day fashion.  Here’s Old Navy getting in the mix and making patterns and sizes good for the whole family and at extremely affordable prices!
  7. Pregnant in the Days of COVID… As if being pregnant wasn’t stressful enough, add a global pandemic and you’ve got some realness on your hands. While not extensively studied, it doesn’t look like pregnant people are more prone to COVID and in a small study of infected mothers, the virus was not found in breastmilk, cord blood, or amniotic fluid. That’s great news! 
  8. Free People… 30% off Free People sale is going on now with code FRIEND… I snagged (yet another) Adella bralette
  9. Baby Beach Bums… Dressing my girls’ for the beach is my FAVORITE, but sun protection is always on the top of my mind. We’ve shared some of our fave clean sunscreens, but I also love doubling the protection with UV protection swimwear
  10. Back Owned Beauty for Black Beauties and More!… “Founded by Katonya Breaux in 2016, after much frustration by the lack of options within the world of clean sunscreen products for women of color. Unsun Cosmetics was created to provide clean, no-residue options that were kind to the person using it as well as the environment it’s being used in.”  Unsun comes in Medium/Dark and Light colors so that women of all colors can use it!

Safe & Chic

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