Odds and Ends 6/26/2020

  1. $4k for PeanutsWe should all have healthy skepticism when in comes to what we put into our bodies and what and who is set to profit from it. As a food allergy mom, I have a lot of thoughts on this one: The U.S. Health-Care System Found a Way to Make Peanuts Cost $4,200.
  2. Meat Processing & COVIDThroughout the lockdown data has revealed an unhealthy correlation between meat processing plants and rates of coronavirus infection and counties with meat plants continue to have higher rates of infection.  So, is eating meat from plants with outbreaks safe?  
  3. Baby you’re an environmentally friendly fireworkthat’s how the song goes, right? Turns out fireworks are a pretty nasty pollutant even if it is a July 4th staple for pretty much everyone. If you are going to do a home display, make sure you dispose of them correctly.  
  4. Beauty BoxHave you always wanted to spring for a subscription beauty box, but didn’t love the price?  Let me introduce you to Petit Vour.  For $18 a month you get 4 products a month worth at least $50.  Want to spring for the bigger box?  For $25 a month you’ll get 5-7 products worth at least $100.  What do I get?  Each month, I get the small Petit Vour box and the Detox Market box, more expensive but so worth it!
  5. Sustainable NordysNordstrom’s has always been one of my favorites thanks to their amazing customer service, but did you know they also make shopping for sustainable styles a breeze? My go-to Zella leggings even made the cut. Don’t miss our episode on Sustainable Fashion!
  6. Laptop Sun HackYou guys, this laptop sun hack blew my mind.  The first time I saw it, it was done with a styrofoam container which made my teeth hurt just thinking about it.  The card box box though… pure genius.  If you want something a little more profesh and travel friendly, take a look at this.
  7. Every Label Every Time… To get around cross-contamination guidelines, some companies have started intentionally ADDING top 8 allergens to their ingredients to avoid additional FDA scrutiny.  Check every label. EVERY TIME!
  8. Black Owned Beauty for Mommas and MoreMatrascence was founded on the philosophy of “mothering the mother” and born to provide a practical application of self-care that can fit into a busy mom’s lifestyle.  Our products are made safe for you; whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding or a health-conscious mom who wants a beauty routine that comes with peace of mind.”  What an amazing gift to give to yourself or the momma or momma to be in your life.
  9. Outdoor Cocktail HourMy idea of being outdoorsy is moving cocktail hour to the deck, but I can’t stand a warm beverage. I love these insulated containers to keep my winecans (even tall boys!), and cocktails nice and cold. 
  10. CheersSpeaking of keeping cocktails cold, did you know there’s a whole section of our website dedicated to cocktails?  In our podcasting days, Alison kept me from getting parched with inventive (and healthier) spins on some of our favorite cocktails!  Check them out… because the sun is shining and you know you want one.

Sun Basket

What’s for dinner… again?  If you’re starting to go a little batty coming up with ideas that the whole family will love, give yourself a break!  Eat clean and feel great with deliveries from Sun Basket.  You’ll get real and organic whole foods and proteins to make recipes that are inventive and delicious.  Sun Basket is by far our favorite of all the options out there for it’s ingredient quality and recipe variety.  Plus, don’t miss that you can change out your proteins for most meals!  Give Sun Basket a try and get $40 off your first week!

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