Odds and Ends 6/5/2020

  1. Anxiety or Something Bigger… These are not normal times and everyone is feeling more anxious than normal. It’s important that we check in with ourselves and our loved ones on what’s normal anxiety given the circumstance and when we’ve tipped the scales and may need a bit of help. Know the signs and what to do!
  2. COVID Party… Remember back in the day when your parents made you play with the kid across the street who had chicken pox so you could get it too?  Enter COVID-19 exposure parties!  Here’s the problem.  Instead of the hopeful spread of immunity, these parties could lead to spikes in cases and can have dangerous outcomes since there’s no way to predict how one person’s body will respond to the virus versus the next.  On top of that, immunity is not a given.  Unlike with chicken pox, where once you got it you were immune, there’s no evidence yet that points to guaranteed immunity from getting it again.
  3. Starts in the Home… As we are all starting (or continuing) conversations about race in our home, it’s important to find age appropriate ways to address the issues at hand. A few resources we love: Conscious KidAha ParentingSesame Street/CNN Special
  4. Scent-Brain Connection… Ever wonder why there’s so many lavender scented everything?  There’s real research behind the ability of certain fragrances to have a direct impact on your mood.  Have you noticed that your go to calming fragrance just isn’t doing it for you anymore?  It’s likely stress.  Your sense of smell is linked to the emotional parts of your brain and when you’re stressed the way you process certain smells can change.
  5. Steps to Start Sustainably Sourcing… Say that 10 times fast. It’s tough to figure out where to get started when trying to reduce your single-use plastic waste, so here is a simple way to figure out your biggest culprits. For a month, instead of throwing away your plastic, collect it in a bin or a basket. At the end of the month sort into categories and then focus on the largest. For me, this was paper towels! I invested in reusable kitchen cloths and napkins and haven’t looked back. 
  6. Take Out… Want to know the most popular takeout order in your state during social distancing?  For us in Pennsylvania, it’s spicy tuna rolls!
  7. Garbage TV or Necessary Escape?… Semantics! Did you know that we are both garbage TV aficionados? And proud of it. Since we all need an escape, check out Too Hot to HandleMarried at First Sight and Love Island UK. You’re welcome. 
  8. Father’s Day… Check out our top gift pick for Father’s Day!  Durable, waterproof, AND fits a few beers!
  9. Dress for Mess… I love dressing my girls up in adorable outfits, but the truth is, kids are TOUGH on clothes! I love stocking up on basic via Amazon’s Spotted Zebra and Target’s Cat and Jack since they’re built tough and built for play. 
  10. Black-Owned Beauty… “We should treat our hair the same way we treat our skin; by nurturing it with ingredients that detoxify, hydrate, and protect.” Nancy Twine, CEO & Founder Briogeo.  This thoughtfully curated hair care line is naturally-based but packs a punch in performance.  Our star products: Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry ShampooDeep Conditioning Hair MaskGinseng + Biotin Hair Volumizing Spray.

Sun Basket

What’s for dinner… again?  If you’re starting to go a little batty coming up with ideas that the whole family will love, give yourself a break!  Eat clean and feel great with deliveries from Sun Basket.  You’ll get real and organic whole foods and proteins to make recipes that are inventive and delicious.  Sun Basket is by far our favorite of all the options out there for it’s ingredient quality and recipe variety.  Plus, don’t miss that you can change out your proteins for most meals!  Give Sun Basket a try and get $40 off your first week!

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