Odds and Ends 7/17/2020

  1. Daniel Tiger’s Quarantined NeighborhoodOur kids TV favorites are at it again, helping us navigate difficult conversations during challenging times. This time Daniel Tiger dives into COVID and face coverings in what will of course be a wonderfully neighborly way. 
  2. Ilia SaleRun, don’t walk. Ilia is having a huge sale – 20% off pretty much their entire line and it ends TODAY! Stock up on our favorite mascarathe perfect red lip, and this amazing foundation
  3. COVID 19 Gender Gap… The Pandemic Is Absolutely Crushing Working Moms, But Does Anyone Care?
  4. Homeschool PreschoolAs parents of older children are grappling with becoming homeschoolers overnight, toddler parents are trying to figure out how to make staying home as enriching impossible. As always, I plan on turning to my toddler mom guru over at Busy Toddler with her Playing Preschool book. Use code HOME25 for 25% off!
  5. There’s a new milk alternative in townAvocado milk, and it’s coming to a US store near you!  Avocadomilk (creative name), previously sold in Australia and New Zealand, is a “a dairy free, preservative free, artificial colours and flavors free, cholesterol free, lactose free, vegetarian milk, that contains a minimum of 20% of the goodness of an avocado in every bottle.”  The ingredients are pretty clean – it’s basically avocados, oats, and a few other ingredients.  Notably it does have “natural flavors” and non-organic oats, but I’ll be curious to understand if they divulge what goes into natural flavors and if the ingredients change in the United States.  Avocadomilk comes in plain and chocolate flavors.  Will you try it?
  6. Air FryerIf you do not have an air fryer yet – what are you waiting for?! As if Larisa’s Cauliflower Wings recipe wasn’t enough, turns out Air Frying is the BEST way to cook Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi. Amazing! 
  7. Sunscreen Chemicals“For the second time in less than a year, a study of common sunscreen ingredients has established that the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream at concentrations far greater than the Food and Drug Administration’s safety threshold.”  If the FDA thinks it’s bad, it’s REAL bad!  Oxybenzone, the most common ingredient in chemical sunscreen was found to be the worst offender.  We highly encourage switching to a safer block, and if you need some recommendations we recently published our 2020 favorites.
  8. Baby PacifierThis week on insta I talked about helping my youngest ditch the binky. For new moms or moms to be who are trying to figure out if the paci is the right choice for your little, here is some good guidance on introducing or not!
  9. FlipsterBy now, we’ve all discovered we can get books from the library electronically, but did you know you can get magazines too?  Check out an app called Flipster and use your library card to get access to magazines.  I use this to get my kids access to Highlights and Nat Geo Kids… and I read Health, Bon Appetit, and Us Weekly!
  10. Girl, Shave Your FaceLadies, do you shave your face? Many women are adding it to their routine. I’m giving it a try and will report back. I’ve got my eye on this pricier, but more sustainable option however these are a steal


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