Odds and Ends 7/3/2020

  1. #plasticfreejulyPlastic Free July is a global movement to help folks get involved in reducing plastic waste, hopefully kicking off more sustainable habits in the long run. Sustainability has been on my mind, and this was just the kick in the pants I needed! Here are some things I’m working on:Transition to more sustainable dish washing methods like this or this (but be careful, some bamboo brushes still have plastic components!)
    1. Ditch traditional hair care in favor of shampoo bars from Amazon and Christophe Robin (watch out for bars with fragrance and other not so great ingredients)
    2. Kick-off composting
    3. Switch food storage entirely over to sustainable materials
    4. Find my local refill or bulk buy station 
    5. Move to toothpaste tabs
  2. Maskne (aka Mask Acne)Yup, it’s a thing.  The thought is that wearing a mask combined with the the stress from the pandemic is causing a moisture-rich environment primed for bacteria to develop and grow.  You don’t want to overdo it with acids and creams that help get rid of acne because you’ll only further damage the skin barrier as it remains under the mask.  If you’re wearing a cloth mask, wash it, every time.  Use gentle skincare… and by that we mean stay away from all the harsh ingredient mainstream products we tell you to stay away from anyway – especially anything with fragrance that can further irritate the skin.  Wait at least 15 minutes after applying moisturizer to put on a mask.
  3. Back to School?Building on CDC guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics released their own school reopening guidelines emphasizing in person instruction, 3-6 foot social distancing, and mask use for kids over two. Looking ahead to the fall, how are you feeling about returning to school?
  4. Rough PatchIf your feet are screaming for a pedicure, grab this callus remover.  It works so well and the flip side of the tool has an attachment that catches all the dry skin for easy cleanup.
  5. Urge Target to Ditch the PlasticMajor retailers like Target play a crucial rule in setting an example for sustainability and limiting single use plastic. In Ireland, after a major retailer started charging for use of plastic bags, overall national waste went WAY down. Could Target lead the charge here? Sign this petition to help nudge them along. 
  6. Oil CleanseIf you’ve taken our advice and switched to safer mineral sunblock, the downside is that it can be a bit thicker and harder to wash off your face.  The mix of sunblock and summer sweat can wreak havoc on your skin and it’s important to wash your face and wash it well.  Doing a double cleanse is key.  We recommend an oil-based cleanser followed by a water based cleaners.  Our favorites oil-based cleansers: Living LibationsProvince ApothecaryOne Love Organics.
  7. Zen WalkDaily walks have been the staple of quarantine, but maybe it’s time to up your walking game with a meditation walk.
  8. Beans & LentilsSometimes I forget how delicious, filling, and nutritious beans and lentils are.  From salads to main meals, check out these 38 recipes for beans and lentils for superfood meals.
  9. Tiered Babydoll Dresses are BACKI love when some of my favorite trends make a come back so color me thrilled to have tiered babydoll dresses hitting the shelves once again. I’ve got my eye on this beautiful, affordable Nordstrom dress, and Madewell always gets it right in my opinion. 
  10. Organic LoungewearBecause what else are you wearing right now?  

Safe & Chic

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